How to build a Mow Strip for a Lawn and Garden, In this video we build and finish a concrete mow strip, this is a great DIY project to outline your yard and make it stand out! Hope you all enjoy and dont forget to LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE, and COMMENT!

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20 thoughts on “How to Build a Concrete Mow Strip for lawn and Garden

  1. You spray motor oil on the forms?? I'm surprised you don't ever have issues with overspray and plant death. That stuff is really toxic for vegetation. Is this an idustry standard practice?
    NOTE: Not trying to come off as a jerk. Genuinely curious.

  2. Thank you for uploading this particular project video. You've given me the solution to hold back a gravel border next to my driveway. I kept throwing stones when I was snowblowing and wondered how I would solve it before next winter. (from Nova Scotia, Canada)

  3. cooking oil would have been better with the grass and plants about , i did a big job recently and all the crane hydraulics were filled with fish oil in case of hose bursts , it was installing a big water turbine in a sssi zone.

  4. I wonder how somthing like that would work out in Canada, in the Toronto area with all the frost we get

  5. One piece of feedback, why not use a level instead of a block to level your form? If you're going to go to the effort of leveling, why not use a level? Just wanted to share that thought…

  6. Loose drainage rock, crap will collect in it and the rock will get kicked around. Maybe fill with clear epoxy for the look without the growing weeds hassle. Not to mention the neighborhood kids using the rocks for throwing…

  7. We are having big issues with concrete here in Northwest Indiana. My Father is in a battle with his contractor. Contractor blaming severe pitting on road salt……..but then there are huge cracks far away from the roadway that cannot be blamed on salt…….too lengthy to explain but there are multiple issues going on. They poured in the winter, something happened obviously, it's not the sale. By the way, they blamed the cracks on "settling" even though it was only less than two years from pour.

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