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In this video I will show you how to build a dirt cheap fume extractor and how you can fastly and easily desolder all kinds of components from old electronics circuits. I will also talk about what I think is even worth desoldering and which parts you should avoid

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20 thoughts on “What is worth desoldering from old electronics? || DIY Fume Extractor

  1. I use industrial heat gun to heat entire board, when it gets too hot, I hit it against work bench and many component come out

  2. i use to do that once, but only problem was, i would end up with so much parts, that i would have throw it out, but today electronic so complex and small parts, its just easier to buy new one and try to repair it and to buy complex soldering iron.

  3. I've never used one single capacitor that I've ever saved but I still desolder and collect all that junk 😂😂

  4. The fumes are not really anymore harmful than typical smoke. The smoke is from the rosin core, which is just tree resin. They just smell weird. Not that you want to breathe it in. Just blow it away if you dont have an extractor.

  5. From where did you aquire the transistor tester? Did you build it from a kit? It could be extremely useful to me!

  6. When cutting out the foam, use scissors.
    When checking the direction of air travel on the fan, look on the frame, most fans will have it marked.
    If you wanted speed control (assuming brown is PWM) you can short it to White (RPM) for half speed or to Black (negative) for 1/4th speed.
    You cut the cable to the power jack too short if you want to reuse it, I used to do the same and regretted it when I needed some.

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