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In this video, I m going to show the top 5 electronics projects using LM386 ic

* portable audio amplifier
* mobile phone detector
* FM receiver
* condenser microphone
* music reactive led

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20 thoughts on “TOP 5 Electronics Projects using LM386 | Amazing projects

  1. Всем привет ! Кто знает, какая музыка играла в самом начале ?

  2. I think I've stumbled upon an electronic device that kills vampires and demons..

    Garlic repels brain-sucker maggots.. Tellurium causes garlic breath.. They seem to be related… Tellurium was discovered in Transylvania.. That's where the great vampires existed.. Is it a coincidence, or is it a solution..
    Create light bulbs with tellurium filaments, and or tellurium filters with strong SW UV lighting.. to make a weapon that kills demons and vampires..

    CAUTION: The slightest sniff of tellurium dust can give you garlic breath for 20-years.. Research its risks…

  3. it didn't work. On powering, the LED came on immediately. I used a 10uf 16v capacitor and 1N4148 diode. those don't matter. Either you've lied in this video or idk…. please reply

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