20 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Spring or Summer Home Decor

  1. Love them both❤ One of the DT spring signs is shaped similarly to the sign with clips and you can buy the clips there too…Love the little pots of flowers on it too ~ Really a nice touch. Your hubby did good with the other diy!! Thanks so much for sharing❤

  2. Loved the herb sign what a great idea !!! Of course i've never seen it at my $Tree and since you said it was a few months since your mom got it I don't think I'll find it anytime soon !! Love it for my kitchen !

  3. Great idea from hubby but I’m sure your mom would love to have the herb garden sign back now that you put your own touch to it beautiful

  4. Looks really cute, tell your husband hooray! He may need to start his own channel! You all could compete!

  5. I’m impressed with your husbands idea 💡!! Turned out great!! I’m so envious of your sign. I was at two of our DTs and they did not have a single sign from Easter or Spring so fingers crossed 🤞 that they get a few more. I just started fresh herbs 🌿 this weekend. 💚💚

  6. Tell your husband his suggestion went over real well, at least for me. Very cute idea. The little herb harden idea is cute also.

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