How to create a long lasting, attractive landscaping edge without digging. Buy the Vigoro edging from Amazon here: and start saving money. Ask a question. I’m pretty quick to reply.
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20 thoughts on “easy diy No Dig Border

  1. I did just what you explained in the video and my bed looks great! Everything worked out just as you showed and I’m very pleased with the results. I bought all of the same material. Thanks!!!! Did I say this was my 1st time doing anything in the yard!

  2. Looks great but i would use sand instead of cement. Plus i like having my blocks level not just lying on the ground elevation.

  3. You don’t show the back side of the bricks after you pour the cement and wet it. It seems there would be an unsightly mess to clean up. How did he handle that?

  4. Will the project be as effective without the cement (quick-drying or otherwise)? I realize that the bricks may move a bit but I feel that the plastic/vinyl/PVC edging will provide sufficient support on one side at least.

  5. Since this is just set on the surface of the grass have you noticed any issues with grass runners? The biggest problem I have is keeping the grass out of my beds. I like this idea and was wondering if it would help to also sink a barrier on the outside of the edging to keep underground runners out of the beds. What are your thoughts?

  6. Hi if you want to do this along a lawn edge with path on the other side would you need the edging on both sides to stop the concrete spreading?

  7. I live in New England and think that frost heaving would be a real problem. That being said, I like the video.

  8. also. I'm not getting the durability angle. the bricks are setting on top of concrete. not embedded. seems a weak adhesion connection. other than keeping grass from growing up between the bricks, why have the concrete at all.

  9. never, ever, ever work with dry concrete without PROPER mask. extremely abrasive to lung tissue. ditto what one person said about gloves.

  10. I’ve watched this video a number of times alongside others. This process seems easy enough for a first-timer. I am looking to use this for a border around our front lawn (adjacent to the sidewalk. Do you think it will be appropriate? Also our lawn slopes downward from the house to the sidewalk. Could this type of border become a problem over time?

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