1. I love the price of the chandelier. That's why I refuse to pay full price for anything now. You will find almost anything by thrifting. My mother taught my sister and I well. I love the way you decorate.

  2. That chandelier is gorgeous!!! You scored on that 😊. Tfs saw some beautiful items in the stores. Have a blessed day and weekends!

  3. That sign is verry funny for in the kitchen. Great video and a great tip aswell to go out and get inspired before going to goodwill. It can help to look different to some decor items….

  4. Everything was absolutely beautiful, that's the best walk through ever you scored big with your finds tfs 💖

  5. There’s one in my area I’m going to look at . Thanks for sharing 💕I was straining to see the prices Lol!!

  6. Wow Barbara that chandelier was a great find. We have a Restore nearby and I have never been to it. I will have to pop in today on my lunch and see what they have. Have a wonderful day!!

  7. My local Restore starts at $40 for a fixture like that chandelier. Love that consignment store. Saw 2 tables I'd buy if they were local.

  8. Hi Barbara!!! Omg I was thinking to my self ohh I would buy that chandelier!!!! And then you bought it it’s absolutely perfect with your decor and I now need to find a restore ASAP!!! Thank you for sharing this was a great video

  9. Excellent buy on the chandelier Barbara yes I see it. Thanks for the shopping trip

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