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In this video I will show you how I turned lawn into a small vegetable garden in three days.
Questions bellow are discussed:
How to remove grass?
Where should we put our vegetable garden?
Can I use weed barrier, paper board or newspaper to cover up the grass and build my vegetable garden on top?
What is thickness of soil that a vegetable garden should have?
How to build garden edge?
How to improve garden soil?
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14 thoughts on “How to build a vegetable garden from lawn in three days

  1. I saw the Chinese version of this video first. I didn't understand any of it. But visually it was great.
    Much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for a great video n ideas. I love the lil girl lovingly carrying a chicken. It surely is a great sight.

  3. Thank you for showing us how you do this. I am starting a similar project. How to use the block edges are exactly what I needed to know.

  4. Be careful which grass you have before doing this. Get a professional to look and see that bermuda and torpedo grass (bad in Florida) are not there. Those and maybe others can have roots down 2 feet and once in your bed you may have to empty the bed and start over.

  5. I agree with your method 100%. This is exactly the way I created my garden space, except I didn't frame it with wood or block. Eventually, I will use block as you recommended. I was very pleased with the quality and production of my vegetable garden. Love that you included your daughter and her pet in the video! 💚

  6. How does the cost of the tiles compare to the cost of wood to make the raised beds. I'm in the middle of making two beds right now 🙂

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