My garden is a clay filled, shaded, child-stomped and pet-chewed area that is a little wore for wear. Every year I waste hundreds of pounds in seeding the lawn and chasing the children off of the grass for just a few weeks of greenery and so we decided to have an artificial grass transformation to make our outdoor space beautiful and functional all year round; I’m completely blown away by the results!

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Hi my name really is Tracy Kiss, and no it’s not a stage name and I’m not a porn star I’m actually a 28yr old single mother of two from London England. I blog and vlog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and food and I love to stay active, push my boundaries and set myself ridiculously challenging goals whilst helping out charities and giving something positive back to the world. I’m also a model and TV personality and I hope you’ll join me on my journey!

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20 thoughts on “Lifestyle Elite Artificial Grass

  1. I have the exact same problem with my lawn! Patchy, thin, and no matter how much money I spend on it, it wont grow! So I'm giving up. Its been five years, time to put stone plates and artificial grass on top. Doesnt suck your money up every year either.

  2. That kid is superb, my both eyes were on him. He is full of love. . Hope someday will meet him or will get a kid like him after marriage. .

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